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Loan Scammer – Kenneth Schumer

Loan Scam –

Email headers

The below loan scam email was sent to an email address that exists only to catch scam emails. It has never been used to register on any site, only to communicate with scammers.

From: "Kenneth Schumer - .185" <>
To: [Redacted]
Subject: Capital Support | 561

Email body


We are providing Loan/Investment funds to Companies and Individuals with profitable projects in any area of specialization at 2% per annum for a duration of 1 to 15 years with 10 months grace period.

Minimum application is 1M USD/EUR

Please get back to me if you are interested for more details, otherwise feel free to decline.


Kenneth Schumer

Why is this a loan scam?

  1. The email gives no indication of who is offering the loan, where they are based or who they are regulated by.
  2. The website for the domain from which the email was sent and replies go to has nothing to do with financial services.
  3. The ridiculous amount of loan being offered.
  4. The ridiculous interest rate being offered. appears to be a legitimate website that has nothing to do with loans or financial services. It is likely that the scammers have taken control of one of their email addresses and are using it for this scam.

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