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Loan Scammer – Wonga Loan (Clone)

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives information on the email address, which is being used by South Africa Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers.

Loan Scam –

The below loan scam email was sent to an email address that exists only to catch scam emails. It has never been used to register on any site, only to communicate with scammers.

Email headers

Subject: Apply for a loan 3% Wonga Loans offer

Email body


Have you ever searched for fund, loans, financial assistance or need an accredited lender to help you meet up with your needs and demands? Do you want to buy a Car or any other property? Or have your bank turned you down? Are they delaying your plans with too much paper work? Is your monthly income disappearing due to high interest rate on your Loans, Credit or Bonds? Have you been blacklisted? Or you want to make Consolidations?
Fill the loan application form and return it back with your id copy passport or driver’s license details to enable us approved your loan immediately.


Phone: +27- 701-040 -3938

Why is this a loan scam?

  1. It was sent from a totally different email address to the one that you are asked to reply to.
  2. The email addresses used is a free address.
  3. The email was mass-mailed to many recipients using BCC.
  4. The telephone number indicates that the scammer is based in South Africa, which is a known Advance Fee Fraud hotspot.

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