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Dumb Loan Scammer – Christian Djurit

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives updated information on the email addresses, and, which is being used by Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers. This dumb scammer tried to threaten us with legal action if details of his scam were not removed from the site.

This post is an update to our original post about useless loan scammer Christian Djurit

This dumb scammer registered as a user on the blog to comment on our original post, threatening legal action if it wasn’t removed. We won’t be removing the post as we are 100% certain that it is a scam, but we welcome the dumb scammer’s legal action as we can always do with a good laugh.

Useless scammer Christian Djurit signed up on the site with the username “company lawyer”, but a quick check on Google shows that it is none other than the dumb scammer himself and he is clearly not a real lawyer:

  1. The email address that he used to register  here ( has previously been used to spam comment sections of blogs with the exact same type of loan scam that features in our original post.
  2. The scammer claims to be in the UK in his scam format, yet his “lawyer” registered from an IP address in Taiwan.
  3. No legitimate lawyer would communicate in such a manner, making an anonymous comment on a blog post. They would send a formal communication, stating who they are, with all their firm’s details.

Why are we so sure this is a scammer?

Our previous post gave a number of reasons why we know that Christian Djurit is just a useless scammer:

  • It was sent to a business using the contact us form on their website, which is not something a legitimate lender would do.
  • The email addresses used are a free Gmail address and one on a domain that was registered 3 months ago (at the date of the original post) by someone using a privacy service to hide their identity.
  • The email address used by the spammer is totally different to those you are asked to reply to.

Here is yet more evidence that this is nothing more than a scam.

  • The telephone number the “company” gives on their website (+447418368292) is a mobile phone number. No legitimate financial services company would use a mobile number as their main contact number.
  • Their claimed address (22 Ariel Road, West Hampstead, London, NW6 2DY) is a residential property.

A quick check on the UK companies registration website shows that the company Alcon Management Company LTD does exist, but they are registered as a Real Estate Management company, with no involvement in loans, bank instruments or the various other services that the fake website claims to offer.

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