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Loan Scammer – Direct Axis Financial Services

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives information on the email address, which is being used by Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers.


Loan Scam –

The below loan scam email was sent to an email address that exists only to catch scam emails. It has never been used to register on any site, only to communicate with scammers.

Email headers

Subject: PROMO!
To: Recipients <>
From: Direct Axis Financial Services <>

Email body

Direct Axis Financial Services

108 De WaalRd, Southfield,

Diep River, 7800 Cape Town.

Reg. No.: 1995/006077/07

 Welcome To Direct Axis

Whether you want to give your lifestyle a boost or have an unexpected expense to deal with, a Loan from Direct Axis Financial Services is the cost-effective way of making it happen.

Direct Axis Financial Services are flexible: you can borrow from R20 000 to R30, 000, 000 and affordable repayment periods range from 6months to 20years.

We offers a comprehensive range of personal loans, business loans, home loans and debt consolidation loans that can be adapted to suit your changing needs and circumstances at 5% interest rate.

What you get

  • Immediate access to your funds after approval
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • The ability to pay off your loan faster (extra payments reduce the capital amount of the loan)
  • Easy approval if you require additional funds
  • Your first repayment of the loan begins in three months after approval.

                             Direct Axis Repayment Schedule

   Loan Amount  Duration




  Loan   Amount Duration




  Loan Amount Duration




R20,000       2 R877.43 R20,000        3 R599.42 R20,000      5 R377.42
 R50,000       2 R2,193.57 R50,000        3 R1,498.54 R50,000      5 R943.56
R100,000       3 R2,997.09 R100,000        4 R2,302.93 R100,000      6 R1,610.49
R150,000       3 R4,495.63 R150,000        5 R2,830.69 R150,000      7 R2,120.09
R300,000       4 R6,908.79 R300,000        6 R4,831.48 R300,000      8 R3,797.98
R400,000       5 R7,548.49 R400,000        7 R5,653.56 R400,000      9 R4,606.91
R600,000       6 R9,662.96 R600,000        8 R7,595.95 R600,000     10 R6,363.93
R800,000       7 R11,307.13 R800,000        9 R9,213.82 R800,000     11 R7,891.59
R1,000,000       8 R12,659.92 R1,000,000       10 R10,606.55 R1,000,000     12 R9,248.90

How to apply

Applying for a loan is quick and easy!

Businesses or Individuals interested in applying for a loan with Direct Axis Financial Services or who simply require more information. TO APPLY, simply SEND AN EMAIL with your ID Number, Full Names, Occupation, Monthly Income and Contact details to: (


Gina Nel (Mrs.)

Senior Loan


NCR Registration No.NCRCP5534, Legal Registration No. :1995/006077/07

NCR Registration No.NCRCP1434, Legal Registration No. :1999/31416/23

Why is this a loan scam?

  1. It was sent from a totally different email address to the one that you are asked to reply to.
  2. The email addresses used is a free addresses.
  3. The email was mass-mailed to many recipients using BCC.
  4. The ridiculous upper amount of loan being offered.

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