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Loan Scammer – Milk Conley

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives information on the email address, which is being used by Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers.

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Continued from this post. We now get the first mention of a fee being paid. “Origination Fees” do exist, but they are not charged to the borrower as an upfront payment to be made before getting their loan. They will either added to the balance of the loan and covered in the regular payment or made as a final payment at the settlement of the loan.

Email headers

From: Milk Conley <>
To: [Redacted]
Subject: Awaiting to hear from you soonest

Email body

Dear [Redacted],

Your mail was received and it’s content well noted. Yes repayments is via bank to bank as well. In regards to your mail, we actually want you to know that we are very ready to render help to you provided you can be trusted and you can be relied on. all you have to do now is to read the below message carefully and get back to us, so we can finalize the loan transaction as soon as possible. The borrower we only be responsible for an origination fee, is a payment associated with the establishment of a new loan, all lenders and mortgage brokers charge an origination fee, for more explanation you have to visit WWW.ASK.COM and type what is ORIGINATION FEE? and search you we see the full meaning, which state that the borrower have to make a payment to the lender before the loan can be transferred to the borrower. In this your loan, your origination fee amount is $750.00 which is 0.1% of your desired loan amount. You are to pay for your desired loan amount. You have to remit as the only payment involve, the charges shows to the company that you can truly meet up with the Yearly repayment of your loan request. Also for you to be well assured that you will get this loan.What is the origination fee on a loan? An origination fee is an up-front fee charged by a lender for processing a new loan application, used as compensation for putting the loan in place. Origination fees are quoted as a percentage of the total loan. you are to pay for the origination fee before you can get your loan, and you have to be very fast in getting back to us so as for us to know how serious you are in obtaining your desired loan amount. Awaiting to hear from you soonest..Thanks


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