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Loan Scammer – Prof. George Simpers

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives information on the email address, which is being used by Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers.

Loan Scam –

The following is a post that was made from IP address on the online guestbook of a hotel. Not somewhere that a legitimate financial services company would be advertising.

We are financial consultants that handles international finances for any amount of banking instruments. We have the access/contacts to raise from $5 thousand to $500 Million Dollars. Feel free to engage our leased facilities in trade programs. We have provided over $2 Billion in business loans to over 30,000 business owners just like you. We use our own designated risk technology to provide you with the right business loan so you can grow your business. Our services are fast and reliable, loans are approved within 24 hours of successful application. We offer loans from a minimum range of $5,000 to a maximum of $500 million, Prof. GEORGE SIMPERS LOAN SERVICES Will give you loan with an affordable interest rate of 2% and loan duration of 1 to 35 years to pay back the loan (secure and unsecured) at ( Phone: call/text +1 (213) 788-6641 aim is to provide Excellent Professional Financial Services. * Project Financing * Credit Line Enhancement * Personal Loans * Truck Loans * Car Loans * Real Estate Loans * Refinancing Loans * Debt Consolidation loans * Education Loans * Mortgage Loans * Farm Loans * Corporate Loans * Business Start-up Loans and many more. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved. Do not keep your financial problems to yourself in order for you not to be debt master or financial stress up, which is why you must contact us quickly for a solution to your financial problems. It will be a great joy to us when you are financially stable. Email us via: Phone: call/text +1 (213) 788-6641 Your Sincerely, Prof. George Simpers +1 (213) 788-6641 We offer fast and reliable financial services.

IP Address Analysis Header Analysis Quick Report
Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Secured Servers Llc
City: Tempe
Country of Origin: United States
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Why is this a loan scam?

  1. The email address used is a free Gmail address.
  2. A legitimate financial services company would not be spamming hotel guest books.
  3. The email gives no indication of who is offering the loan, where they are based or who they are regulated by.
  4. The ridiculous upper amount of loan being offered.

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