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Loan Scammer – John C. May

LOAN SCAM ALERT! This post gives information on the email address, which is being used by Advance Fee Fraud loan scammers.

Loan Scam –

The below loan scam email was sent to an email address that exists only to catch scam emails. It has never been used to register on any site, only to communicate with scammers.

Email headers

From: "John C. May" <>
Subject: LOAN
Reply-To: <>

Email body


We are registered loan company operating with affiliates investors partners.

We offer funds to any interested applicants that are in need of funding for, Acquisition, Expansion, Business Growth, Project Refinance, large investment projects, commercial real estate, small business enterprises and government contracts etc.

we have funded businesses and given personal and multi-purpose loans to individuals and groups at low interest rate of 3%. We also assist Lucrative sectors with funding in old and new projects plan and also offer their valuable projects with good loans by using our BG/Monetization Program.

If you are vast in business and have the capacity to implement capital projects,please present your details along with your projects details plans for preview and set up a direct meeting between you and our Investor Partner.

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and they are 100% protected. I will appreciate if you can partner with us today and you will always rely on us again tomorrow for your project financing needs etc.


Accept our kind regards please.

Mr. John C. May

Why is this a loan scam?

  • It was sent from a totally different email address to the one that you are asked to reply to.
  • The email address used is a free Outlook address.
  • The email gives no indication of who is offering the loan, where they are based or who they are regulated by.

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